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University of Sustainable Sciences consists of a team of competent, committed and experienced employees. Allow us to introduce them to you on this page.



Onaizah Panhwar

Harvard Business School

Harvard University



Onaizah Panhwar is a second year student at Harvard Business School and just finished her internship with an esteemed consulting company in the US. Prior to moving to Boston, she worked with Procter & Gamble Pakistan for six years as Finance Manager managing multiple business aspects ranging from commercial marketing to manufacturing operations. She did her Bachelors in Business from IBA Karachi on full scholarship.


Originally from the small city Hyderabad in Pakistan, Onaizah aspires to empower Pakistani women to achieve higher education. Currently, she actively mentors students and has been conducting workshops on helping students to get admission into international business schools to increase the exposure for the youth of the country. She is passionate about working in the education sector of Pakistan and eventually looks to counsel schools on achieving efficiency levels which could maximize reach of education to all socio-economic classes.




Marvee Turk

Harvard Medical School

Harvard University, USA



Marvee is the daughter of Pakistani immigrants to the US. Raised within a close-knit South Asian diaspora and with a deep commitment to civic engagement, Marvee is keenly conscious of the multidimensional struggles facing Pakistan today. She graduated with high honors from Dartmouth College, where she studied both Anthropology and Middle Eastern studies. As an undergraduate, Marvee conducted extensive research in both the basic and social sciences, developing a fervent interest in the intersection between sociocultural variables and the lived experience of health and illness. She is now pursuing an MD at Harvard Medical School, where she conducts research as part of the institution’s pioneering face transplantation program.



Harris Memon

Department of Computer Science

Kings College London, UK




Harris studying for his bachelors in computers sciences at King's College London, University of London. He has an excellent academic track record. His academic interests include parallel computing, 3D visualisation algorithms and many objectives system optimisation. He is passionate about supporting the higher education initiatives focused on developing countries and the use of IT for distant learning. He actively organises and participates  in charity fund raising events.



Maheen Shaikh

Department of Industrial Engineering

Prudue University, USA




Maheen Shaikh is currently a fourth year senior studying Industrial Engineering at Purdue University with a minor in Economics. This summer Maheen just completed her internship with Coloplast, a Danish medical device manufacturing company. She plans on getting her MBA in the future after working as a human factors or quality control engineer. 


Maheen is an active member of Purdue's Society of Global Engineers, Women in Engineering as well as Pakistani Student's Association. Finally, Maheen hopes to use her education to one day show the world that women from Pakistan can be anything they aspire to be. 




Hassan Turk

Business Studies, Michigan, USA




Hassan is a fourth-year student studying General Business at Kalamazoo College in Michigan. He recently had the opportunity to study abroad at the International Sustainable Development Studies Institute (ISDSI) in Chiang Mai, Thailand. In addition to his studies, as a business major he is striving to be a part of something larger, where his efforts in developing socially and environmentally sustainable business practices empowers communities across the globe that often bare the impact of a corporate supply chain.



Bakhtawar Hafiz

BA English language and Secondary Education

University of North Texas, USA




Bakhtawar is currenty a tenth-grade English teacher in Dallas, Texas. Prior to teaching, she graduated from the University of North Texas with a Bachelor’s degree in English Language Arts and Secondary Education. During her time at the University of North Texas, Bakhtawar studied Global Connections and World Literature in London, England, and Paris, France. In the next year, Bakhtawar will begin working towards a law degree in law school. Born in Karachi, Pakistan, Bakhtawar has been an enthusiast for the educational field since childhood. She firmly believes that young students  will become empowered and contributing citizens if they grow up in an academic environment with strong teachers as role models.

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