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Prof Ramchand Oad

Colorado State University, USA





Ramchand earned his PhD in Agricultural Engineering from Cornell University. His professional career has focused on promoting economic welfare through sustainable development and management of water resources and by promoting its efficient use in irrigated agriculture. At Colorado State, in addition to teaching and research, he has worked with several Water Conservancy Districts and Irrigation Companies on programs aimed at modernizing their water delivery systems and associated planning and management functions. Prof Oad has extensive work experience in developing countries, where he has worked as consultant for the World Bank, Asian Development Bank and the USAID. He has long-term resident work experience in Pakistan, Indonesia and Egypt. He has lived and worked in Pakistan on several water and irrigated-agriculture related programs including On-Farm Water Management, Main Canal Command Water Management, Friends of Democratic Pakistan Water Policy and Programs Task Force (2011) and IFPRI’s Pakistan Strategy Support Project (2012).


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