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Tahir Abbas has been working as the Managing Director of Cinar Ltd since 1996, a London based consultancy firm with branch offices in Brazil and Greece. Cinar solves industrial problems related to combustion optimization and emission reductions.  Cinar interacts with several international higher education institutions and collaborates with academics on the development of cutting-edging technologies. Cinar has undertaken over 35 R&D projects for DTi-UK and EC both as a contributing partner as well as coordinator of the consortium.


Prior to joining CINAR in 1996, Tahir worked at Imperial College as Research Fellow, on various research projects related to low-emission and higher efficiency technologies, flame stability and co-processing and firing of waste derived fuels. 


Tahir has a PhD and DIC from Imperial College London, MSc from Washington State University, and BSc from UET, Pakistan. Tahir has acted on various examination committees, research proposal evaluation panels for the European Union (EC), organising committees of international conferences, technical paper review panels for various journals/conferences.  He has authored and co-authored over 180 papers.


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