Board of Trustees

The USS project has been launched by the Sustainable Futures Trust, designed purely as a not-for-profit chairity organisation. The trust mainly aims to develop social welfare projects with primary focus on facilitating the provison of world class higher education catering different sectors and bring urban and rural communities together. The founding members for the trust are as below and have committed there personal resources and time to teh USS initiative.




Engr. Dost Ali Arbab






Dost Ali graduated as a Civil Engineer from Sindh University, Pakistan. Despite being a landlord, he opted to pusue his career in irrigation engineering. He is passionate about developing self reliant communities and strongly believes in education that drives progress and strengthens moral values. As the founding Trust member, he has contributed towards the university land cost. He looksafter the trust administrative matters.





Mrs Noor Jahan Arbab






Mrs Noor Jahan is settled in Hala, a small town in Pakistan famous for some of the very well renowned poets and handicrafts. She has a keen interest in social welfare and community development projects. As the founding member of the Trust, she kindly contributed towards the purchase of the university land.






Essa Wassan





Essa earned his first degree in Civil Engineering from Mehran University of Engineering and Technology. He manages agricultural lands and affiliated businesses. He is passionate about community service and supports social werfare activities, He is currently a member of Board of Governors for Shahdadpur Institute of Medical Sciences. Essa has kindly contributed towards the university land purchase.






Mrs Aisha Jawaid





Aisha is the CEO of Al-Imad Engineering Construction Company. She eraned her Bachlors in Civil Engineering from Mehran Univwersity of Engineering and Technology, Pakistan. Over the last 20 years, she has committed her life for brininging harmony in rural and urban communities and she actively leeds activities for the betterment of education in rural communities.  She has donated towaeds the university land and looks after project execution progress.






Mrs Sorath Memon




Sorath has Masters in English literature from University of Sindh and the UK National Vocational Qualification in Childern's Care, Learning and Development. She has keen interest and good portfolio of initiatives focused around early years education.  She has contributed land for the university and her time to design and implement internationalisation strategies.



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