Fayyaz Memon

USS Project Director





The establishment of the University of Sustainable Sciences  from scratch  is an ambitious  and excitining project offerring an immense  potential  to  bring  a paradigm shift  in our  triditional approach to the higher education,   the key enabler for the socio-economic progress.


The journey for the delivery of a credible institution of an international standing in current climate has been far from smooth and filled with enormous challenges and last minute surprises. But with our determination, dedication and full professional commitment, we have overcome many of the hurdles. I am sure there are many more to come, but the sense of togetherness and support from our international and national teams has been inspiring and reenergising.


I am sure via USS we are on our way to  deliver a progressive positive impact and unlock the massive constructive potential our younger generation has. Let our youth play and cheerish its role as a global citizen and bridge the widening technical and socio-economic gap.





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